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Season 1 Character Plot ArcsEdit

Amy first appears in S01E07. She is described as a "crazy cat lady" and often makes references about her cats throughout the season. Amy is a decent sorceress who apparently has the ability to use mind-control among other things.

Despite Amy's initial failure to understand social norms, she develops a close bond with Michael , Gabe and Ryan . At first glance, she often seems simple and straightforward, although later on she does make it to clear that there is more to her than meets the eye in her conversation with Michael about how blessed they were. As the first season progresses, it seems as though she is moving further away from her bonds with her cats and closer to those with people.

In S01E07 Amy reveals to Michael, Gabe, and Ryan that Bob Smith will soon break loose from Hell. The gang tries to stop the release but they are messed up by Gabe sneezing.

Shit happens.

Series AppearancesEdit

Season 1Edit

S01E07 - "The End's Beginning"

S01E08 - "Bob's Revenge"

S01E09 - "Scattered"

S01E10 - "Answers"

S01E11 - "Resistance"

S01E12 - "Blessings"

Season 2Edit

Coming soon

Notable TraitsEdit

  • Knowledge of many magics (ex. Mind control, Sealing demons in Hell, etc.)
  • Little social skills
  • Crazy cat lady
  • Interesting background