Welcome to The Black, White, and Yellow Wikia

Welcome to the Official Black, White, and Yellow Wikia!

What is Black, White and Yellow?

Black, White and Yellow is a webseries created by three highschoolers. It covers a wide range of social topics and teenage issues, as well as incorporating elements of the supernatural, comedy, action, and drama.

Season 1 is posted on and this website. Season 2 is set for a premiere date of Nov 21 2010.

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Recent News

Hey guys!

The Staff of BWY would like to thank you for coming to our Wikia Site. Please feel free to explore and edit. Season 2 will begin around November so keep your eyes peeled; we'll have more fighting, more comedy, and even a musical!


The Season 1 Recap is up, Season 2's premiere date has been moved to the 28th due to one of our actors being sick.

Season 2 is coming soon! The tentative premiere date is Nov 28 2010! Get subscribed!

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