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Gabe Lewis (the character), a black man from the hood, portrayed by Gabe Lewis (the actor), is a main character for the first season of Black, White and Yellow. He was one of the core three character (Michael, Ryan, and himself) and appears in 11 of the 12 episodes of season 1. He, along with Michael Hu and Ryan Johnson, appear in the opening credits for season 1. Gabe is not a main character in season 2, as the actor wished to persue other ventures, however is he is recurring character.

Gabe is a stereotypical, low intelligence man from the ghetto, and as such, does not do very well in school, or in any situation involving much intelligence. He is, however, a rather emotional character, and feels a deep passion for Lilah, which is shown repeatedly throughout the first and second season of the show. And where he may lack in brains, he certainly makes up for in brawn, helping take down demons and villains alongside Michael, Amy, Lilah, Stephanie and Ryan all throughout season 1 and the episodes of season 2 that he is in. Gabe is also shown to have connections with people in "the hood," and these connections oftentimes prove valuable when combating the supernatural.

Season 1 Plot Edit

Gabe Lewis first appears in S01E01. Not much is shown about his character in this episode other than the fact that he shares the same liking for girls as Ryan and is good friends with Michael . During S01E02 , Gabe mysteriously forgets about Michael even though he had made plans to meet with him the previous day. In S01E03, Gabe is attacked by the evil demon-warlock Bob Smith, along with Ryan. Bob reveals that he took away their memories so that Michael would be alone and defenseless after being turned into a vampire. Bob then takes out the memories that he stole and begins the process of draining all of Gabe's memories. However, before the process is complete, Michael comes to Gabe's rescue. Michael's appearance breaks Bob's concentration and sends all of Gabe's memories rushing back to him.

In S01E04 Gabe gets his sweater stolen by a "Creeper Demon". With the help of Michael, Gabe manages to take the Creeper Demon down.

In S01E05 Gabe tries to flirt with his crush, Lilah , to no avail.

In S01E06 Gabe wishes that he was smart in the presence of a genie. This results in Gabe finding himself in Ryan's body. However, when Gabe finds Lilah, he sees Michael (in Gabe's body) talking with Lilah, and becomes enraged, however once everyone is back in their correpsonding bodies in S01E07 , he forgives all.

In S01E07, Gabe, Ryan and Michael meet Amy and attempt to lock Bob Smith in a hell dimension. Due to Gabe sneezing, this plan failed, and Bob escaped.

In S01E08, Gabe interacts more with Lilah, and tries to protect her when Bob Smith returns to exact revenge. He fails, along with Ryan, and Lilah is kidnapped.

In S01E10 , Gabe talks with his ghetto friend Charlie Linster for help in getting a gang together to fight Bob.

In S01E11 Gabe helps Amy , Michael, and Ryan rescue Lilah from Bob Smith and Felix.

In S01E12 Gabe, Michael, Ryan, and Lilah confront Bob for the final battle. When the battle first begins, Gabe is revealed to be at KFC because there was a 50% off sale (the only time Gabe can afford KFC). Surprisingly, halfway through the battle, Gabe appears to join the fray stating that KFC kicked him out because he was carrying a gun. Gabe is knocked out of the battle by Michael in an attempt to save Gabe from being bitten by Felix. He awakens once Michael and Matthew (the host whom Bob Smith was infecting) return from a different area by teleportation, and discovers Lilah is in a coma (something that torments him in season 2). Matthew informs him "She will wake up. But it may take months." Gabe, while distraught, accepts that fact, and he walks away from the battlefield with Michael and Matthew.

Season 2 Plot ArcsEdit

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Series AppearancesEdit

Season 1Edit

11/12 Episodes

S01E01 - "Pilot"

S01E02 - "Who's Hu?"

S01E03 - "Memories"

S01E04 - "Third Wheel: Part 1"

S01E05 - "Third Wheel: Part 2"

S01E06 - "Third Wheel: Part 3"

S01E07 - "The End's Beginning"

S01E08 - "Bob's Revenge"

S01E10 - "Answers"

S01E11 - "Resistance"

S01E12 - "Blessings"

Season 2Edit

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Notable TraitsEdit

  • Low intelligence (School-wise)
  • Gun-wielding abilities
  • Many friends / Gang members
  • Intense love for Lilah
  • Intense love for KFC