Matthew: Season 2 Promo

Season 1 Plot ArcsEdit

Matthew Carter was Michael's friend before he was possessed by Bob Smith. Matthew is adept at magic. He became possessed after accidentally putting an evil sweatshirt on in 1473 that possessed him with the evil demon/warlock, Bob Smith.

Bob SmithEdit

Before Season 1, Bob Smith possessed Michael's friend Matthew and has been controlling him ever since. Bob is the main antagonist in season 1 with a plan to take over the world by allying himself with Michael. When his plan backfires and Gabe sends Bob into Hell, Bob decides to get back at Michael, Ryan, and Gabe by kidnapping Lilah and turning her into a demon. In the final confrontation against Bob, Michael manages to remove the jacket and free Matthew from Bob's control.


Matthew becomes unpossessed from Bob in S01E12 after Michael rips his sweater off him.
Matthew Carter has trouble adjusting to the 21st century, and oftentimes wears clothes that are VERY outdated or speaks in Victorian.