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Season 1 Plot ArcsEdit

Michael first appears in S01E01 . He is described as a "1200 year old samurai" by Ryan and Gabe. At the end of S01E01 Michael is shown being attacked by some unknown creature (Felix ?). As of S01E02 Michael realizes that he has been turned into a vampire. During S01E02, Michael also realizes that Gabe and Ryan have both forgotten about him, something he later finds out is due to the evil demon-warlock, Bob Smith. In S01E03 , Michael fights Bob Smith , and in the act, restores Gabe and Michael's memories of him, as well as succeeding in putting Bob Smith away in a hell dimension. Also in this episode, Michael finds a way to deal with his problem of constantly attacking his friends due to his new vampire urges (the solution is to drink V8).

In S01E04 Michael helps put down a "Creeper Demon" with Gabe, making Ryan feel left out.

In S01E05 , Michael is not present. It is explained by Gabe that he is "helping out with a little demon infestation" in Gabe's neighborhood.

In S01E07 , Michael tells the sorceress Amy that he feels like Bob Smith may break free from hell, and he, Ryan, Gabe and Amy try and fail to cast a spell to keep Bob there.

In S01E08 Michael fights with Bob again and thinks he has beaten Bob after biting his neck, however Bob teleports away to kidnap Lilah.

In S01E09 and S01E10 , it is revealed that Michael was once a friend of Matthew Carter 's (the host whom Bob Smith was possessing) before Matthew got possessed about 600 years ago. Michael did not remember this until Amy told him after searching through Bob's past, because Bob had put a forgetting spell on Michael hundreds of years ago so no one would know what had happened to Matthew. Michael assembles everyone in S01E10 to tell them this and to try to gather people together for a showdown against Bob.

In S01E11 , Michael helps Amy, Gabe and Ryan rescue Lilah from Bob Smith and Felix. Michael spends most of the fight against Bob Smith.

In S01E12 , Michael and the gang prepare to attack Bob and bring everything to an end -- one way or another. Michael thanks everyone for coming to help them defeat Bob, even though he knows their chances of living are slim, and victory against Bob was a long. shot. In the same episode, Michael makes Amy put Stephanie into a deep sleep the day before the final battle, so Stephanie did not foolishly throw away her life just to fight by Ryan's side. At the end of this episode, Michael succeeds in tearing of the demonic jacket from Matthew Carter, thus unpossessing him of Bob Smith.

Michael seems to be the prominent leader of his friends in season one, especially when they are planning how to deal with threats from the supernatural. He also seems to have the most knowledge of any of his friends about supernatural creatures and powers.

Season 2 Plot ArcsEdit

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Series AppearancesEdit

Season 1Edit

11/12 Episodes

S01E01 - "Pilot"

S01E02 - "Who's Hu?"

S01E03 - "Memories"

S01E04 - "Third Wheel: Part 1"

S01E06 - "Third Wheel: Part 3"

S01E07 - "The End's Beginning"

S01E08 - "Bob's Revenge"

S01E09 - "Scattered"

S01E10 - "Answers"

S01E11 - "Resistance"

S01E12 - "Blessings"

Season 2Edit

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Notable TraitsEdit

  • Vampire Powers (Super strength, ability to change face to vampire face, can only be killed by stake, decapitation, burning)
  • Ninja Abilities
  • Great academic intelligence
  • Irrational fear of all females (Except Amy)
  • Lots of knowledge about the supernatural