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Season 1 Character Plot ArcsEdit

Ryan first appears in S01E01 . As of that time, it is clear he is a stereotypical British nerd faggot. It is clear that he is from England, due to his accent and obsession with tea. His trademark outfit as of then was a three-piece suit, and he always has a formal manner about him. In S01E02 , he, like Gabe , forgets about his other friend Michael , due to the evil demon warlock, Bob Smith 's, memory spell. His memory is restored in S01E03 when Bob Smith becomes distracted fighting Michael.

In S01E04 , Ryan reveals a problem that has troubled him for a very long time -- he feels as though he has no friends. It is clear he suffers from abandonment and inferiority issues, due to his inability to fight the supernatural like his two friends Gabe and Ryan. This problem stays with Ryan throughout the series.

In S01E08 , Ryan makes it clear that he has a crush on one of the school's cheerleaders, a girl named Stephanie Night . At first, his approach to her seemed to fail, but it is shown in S01E09 that Stephanie does not mind his company, as she seeks him out. By S01E12 , Ryan has the nerve to tell Stephanie how he truly feels about her (albeit in a letter) before Stephanie is put to sleep by Amy so she, Stephanie, does not harm herself in the battle that ensues. Stephanie becomes a constant security blanket for Ryan, and as the series progresses, it is clear she is not Ryan's girlfriend, but his best (an perhaps only) friend.Originally, it seems as though Ryan lacks any fighting abilities whatsoever, but in S01E11 , he shows some skill with the sword.

Series AppearancesEdit

Season 1Edit

12/12 Episodes

S01E01 - "Pilot"

S01E02 - "Who's Hu?"

S01E03 - "Memories"

S01E04 - "Third Wheel: Part 1"

S01E05 - "Third Wheel: Part 2"

S01E06 - "Third Wheel: Part 3"

S01E07 - "The End's Beginning"

S01E08 - "Bob's Revenge"

S01E09 - "Scattered"

S01E10 - "Answers"

S01E11 - "Resistance"

S01E12 - "Blessings"

Season 2 Edit

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Notable TraitsEdit

  • Extreme intelligence
  • Some skill with a blade
  • Paranoia of having no friends
  • Depression
  • Love of tea
  • Intense love of Stephanie