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Episode 1: PilotEdit

Michael, Gabe and Ryan agree to meet in a library, but Gabe and Ryan mysteriously forget who Michael is.

Episode 2: "Who's Hu?"Edit

Michael tries to convince his former friends that they know him, however, there are other forces at work.

Episode 3: "Memories"Edit

Michael fights Bob Smith for the first time. Ryan and Gabe get their memories back.

Episode 4: "Third Wheel"Edit

Ryan feels left out due to his inability to combat the supernatural like Gabe and Michael.

Episode 5: "Third Wheel: Part 2"Edit

Ryan's depression continues. Gabe tries to hit on Lilah. Bob becomes aquainted with hell.

Episode 6: "Third Wheel: Part 3"Edit

Ryan, Michael and Gabe all switch bodies, wishing they had something the other possessed, but things get out of hand.

Episode 7: "The End's Beginning"Edit

Michael, Gabe and Ryan meet a sorceress named Amy and try to bind Bob Smith in hell.

Episode 8: "Bob's Revenge"Edit

Bob is back, and he's out for revenge on Gabe, Michael and Ryan for sending him to hell.

Episode 9: "Scattered"Edit

Lilah has been dragged away. Michael receives mysterious tips in a different dimension. Ryan continues his courtship with Stephanie, but will she find out about the supernatural?

Episode 10: "Answers"Edit

Bob Smith's greatest secret is brought to light.

Episode 11: "Resistance"Edit

A rescue attempt for Lilah is made.

Episode 12 (Season Finale): "Blessings"Edit

The final fight to defeat Bob Smith or to doom the world takes place in the first season finale of Black, White and Yellow.

Season 1 SummaryEdit

S01E01 Begins with a meeting between Gabe and Ryan. They wonder where Michael is and decide call him on his cellphone. After walking to the library, Ryan and Gabe seem to forget about meeting up with Michael and, instead, discuss their goals for the upcoming year. While they are sharing some "unique" pick-up lines, Michael sends them a note warning them to stay away from girls. Ryan and Gabe don't know who Michael is. The episode ends with Michael being attacked in a graveyard. S01E02 Begins with Michael waking up in a sunny graveyard. Michael quickly deducts that he was turned into a Later, Ryan and Gabe are still in the library discussing greetings when Michael appears. Michael tries to convince Ryan and Gabe that they used to be friends but does a horrible job and ends up attacking Gabe due to his new vampire urges. Michael realizes wht he is doing and flees to the graveyard where he meets a mysterious hooded figure who pushes Michael into the sunlight...for no reason whatsoever seeing as vampires in this series aren't affected by the sun. At least they don't sparkle. S01E03 Begins with Ryan and Gabe discussing a "Homework Assignment" Ryan was reading for "Health Class". They also end up talking about a girl Gabe has a crush on named Lilah. Meanwhile in the graveyard, Michael and the mysterious figure engage in an epic battle ending in Michael emerging victorius and fleeing the scene. Later, Gabe is asking Ryan if he could be his tutor. Ryan accepts Gabe's proposal on the terms that Gabe talks to Michael who is sitting five feet away from them, staring intently. Michael tells Gabe and Ryan about the mysterious, evil figure in the graveyard, Bob Smith, and then runs off before his urges cause him to attack Gabe again. As Michael leaves, he finds a bottle of blood that he uses throughout the remainder of the series to suppress his hunger. As Ryan and Gabe leave the school, Bob finds them and reveals that he stole some of their memories so that Michael would be alone. Bob then attempts to steal the rest of Gabe and Ryan's memories but is interrupted by Michael, in the proccess returning all of Ryan and Gabe's memories. Bob tries to defeat Michael by creating a portal to Hell but he is thwarted when Gabe pushes him into his own portal. S01E04 Starts off with Ryan tutoring Gabe math and Michael being followed by another mysterious figure. After a very cliche scene, Michael causes the figure to flee and goes to warn Ryan and Gabe about it. Michael asks Gabe to help him defeat the mysterious character that Michael calls a "Creeper Demon." Ryan offers to help Michael and Gabe but Michael denies him the privilage. Feeling depressed, Ryan goes to a bathroom to talk to himself, instead, Ryan is attacked by the Creeper Demon. Ryan is unable to defend himself and feels horrible when Michael and Gabe are forced to save him. The episode ends with Ryan sitting alone in the bathroom looking very emo and depressed. S01E05 Starts off with a depressed Ryan conversing with Gabe. Through their conversation it's revealed that Michael is helping Gabe with a demon infestation without Ryan's knowledge. When Ryan suggests that they should do something together, Gabe quickly changes the subject to Lilah. Meanwhile in Hell, Bob is transported to a new location revealed to be Francis' Hell. There, he meets Francis Whipit who traps Bob in his Hell. Back in the real world, Gabe tries and fails to ask Lilah out while Ryan does "drugs," to "escape his pain." S01E06 Starts off with Bob searching through Francis' Hell for ways to escape, though his valiant efforts, Bob discovers a magical genie who offers him a wish. Back on Earth, Ryan, Michael, and Gabe are having trouble: Ryan is being bullied by...a bully. Michael discovers that he doesn't have a lot of friends. And Gabe gets rejected by Lilah, again. In an interesting turn of events, the genie finds out that she cannot help Bob escape Francis' Hell and journeys to the world proper in time to hear Gabe, Ryan, and Michael express their desires for brains, brawn, and social skills respectively. The genie grants the three's wishes and knocks them all out. Ryan wakes up in Michael's body, Gabe wakes up in Ryan's body, and Michael wakes up in Gabe's body. The three then go try to achieve their goals but end up realising that everybody's life has its own downfalls. The episode ends with Lilah revealing that she knows that Michael is a vampire. S01E07 Begins where that previous episode left off. Michael, Ryan, and Gabe express confusion towards their bodies being switched and decide to rewrite the script so that they are back in their orginal bodies. Meanwhile in Francis' Hell, Bob discovers a book titled How to Get Out of Francis' Hell. On Earth, Michael, Ryan, and Gabe meet a mysterious Sorceress who warns them that Bob is about to break loose from Hell. With the sorceress's powers the four attempt to stop Bob from leaving Hell but they ultimately fail because Gabe sneazed during their ritual. The episode ends with a shot of Bob no longer in Hell. S01E08 Begins with a meet between Michael, Ryan, Gabe and Amy. All four of them are still not sure if Bob is free or not, their meeting ends with Gabe assuring everyone that Bob is still stuck in Hell. After the meeting, Amy walks off and Michael, Ryan, and Gabe meet up with Lilah. Michael runs because he is afraid of girls, while searching for Michael, Ryan sees Stephanie Night whome he has a crush on. After finding Michae, the four roam the halls and come across Bob. Michael tells Lilah, Gabe, and Ryan to run while he stays behind to fend off Bob. After a short battle, Michael seems to be on the edge of victory when Bob suddenly teleports away; thinking Bob had fled, Michael doesn't chase after him. In some other part of the school, Ryan, Gabe, and Lilah are running only to have Bob teleport right in front of them. Ryan and Gabe try to protect Lilah but in the end, she is captured by Bob and dragged off. S01E09 Begins five minutes after where the previous episode left off. The cat-lady sorceress is randomly named "Amy." Michael finds Ryan standing where he was defeated by Bob. Michael is rather proud of how he defeated Bob until Ryan tell him Bob had kidnapped Lilah and Gabe had gone to look for her. As Michael is about to come up with a plan, he is teleported to an alternate dimension. Acting like nothing had happened, Ryan decides to go to the library to reasearch. Michael finds himself in an alternate spiritual dimension, there he meets a messanger who tells him to investigate Bob's past. After being teleported back to his own dimention, Michael asks Amy to tell him about Bob's past. Amy tells Michael about a man named Matthew Carter who used to be his friend before he was accidentally possessed by a demon inhabiting a jacket named Bob Smith. Meanwhile in Bob's secret base, Bob demonstrates his powers to Lilah by turning the bully from S01E06 into a vampire who he calls Judas, Bob then tells his minion Felix to kill "the white one." Felix attacks Ryan and Stephanie as they walk back from the library but Ryan is able to fend him off by finding Felix's "weak spot." The episode ends with a shot of Bob as he watches Ryan and Sephanie run back to the school. S01E10 Starts off with a meeting between Michael, Ryan, Gabe, and Amy. During the meeting, Michael explains about Bob's past, how removing Bob's jacket will defeat him, and how Bob plans to use the Day of Redsun to possess Lilah with another demon. Michael ends the meeting by asking everybody to gather people who can help them defeat Bob. After the meeting, Gabe asks his friend Charlie Linster if he will help fight Bob, Charlie promises to gather people who will help. The episode ends with Amy telling Michael that she found the whereabouts of Lilah. S01E11 Starts off right where the last episode ended. Amy has just discovered the whereabouts of Lilah but cannot tell Michael using words where she is. Michael calls an emergency meeting. Meanwhile, Ryan is once again returning from the library and is being stalked by Felix. Felix is about to pounce when he hears Ryan talking with Michael on his cellphone. Felix ends up following Ryan to the meeting and overhears Michael's planned attack on Bob. Felix quickly rushes to warn Bob, who has a plan of his own. With Felix's help, Bob is able to successfully allow a demon to possess Lilah on the day of Redsun. Later, Michael, Ryan, Gabe, and Amy find themselves outside of Bob's lair. The four attack; halfway through the battle, Gabe realizes that Lilah is possessed. In the end, Gabe is able to rip the jacket away from Lilah and Amy quickly teleports the five away. At the end of the episode, Bob calls out the Felix and tells him his plans for the remainer of the day of Redsun.S01E12 Starts off with Gabe yelling at Charlie on the phone because Charlie wanted more time to prepare. After his call, Gabe is joined by Michael and Ryan as they go to a meeting regarding the attack on Bob scheduled the next day. After several emotional scenes that add nothing useful to the plot other than removing Stephanie from the battle, everybody goes to sleep. The next day, Ryan, Lilah, Michael, and two of Charlie's gang members meet up at school. The two gang members explain that Gabe and Charlie are at a KFC sale and couldn't make it to the fight. Also, Lilah tells everyone that Amy would not be going with them to combat Bob. After the meeting, everyone journeys to Bob's lair for the final showdown. Halfway through the battle, Gabe shows up stating that KFC no longer allows guns in their restaurant. Both of Charlie's gang members are killed during the battle, as are all the zombies and Felix. Lilah is put to the ground, although whether she is dead or not is uncertain. The battle seems like its about to end when Michael and Ryan band together to attack Bob when, suddenly, a flash of white light engulfs the battle field...

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